Each of us has at least one movie he or she cherish, a movie that came out exactly when needed, a movie presenting “a hero” worthy of becoming a role model, a sores of inspiration, a story that shows there is hope even when there is apparently none, or a dilemma that makes the viewers think and discuss the issues with other viewers. In this spirit, cinema is not just an object, a hall where movies are projected on a large screen. It is an event, sometimes unforgettable. Good movies provoke thoughts (and discussions) and widen our horizons. In short, movies are fun and a lot more; they are wonderful tools to convey ideas, to gain knowledge and to promote community engagement.

Shamefully, many suburbs in Israel do not have movie-theatres. Needless to say, the people in these neighbourhoods watch TV movies but are rarely exposed to good movies and to discussions led by experts in the relevant issues raised by the movies. Our Microcinema project aims at bringing good movies to these people, help them build their own Cinema Paradiso and use the movies as a catalyst for community engagement. Specifically, we believe that open forum discussions of issues presented in movies, in a pleasant café-style venues, together with invited guests will contribute to the development of dialogue, networking and action.

This is not merely a hopeful thinking. The Microcinema approach is working in somewhat different versions in various countries. Moreover, we are very encouraged by the great success of the first two meetings of the first, newly established Microcinema in Beit-Barbur in southern Tel Aviv .The issues and the two movies in both these meetings have been chosen together with a few active community members, who also promoted the project and sold tickets (and Pop-Corn) and prepare Tea and Coffee. The response thus far is sensational. The project became a major issue in conversations in the community, the number of interested people increased impressively and all those wonderful people that contributed to the project are very proud of it. 

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